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Warhammer : LoR Warriors of Last Alliance: Games Workshop 05-24

The Lord of the Rings Warriors of Last Alliance by Games Workshop.
The Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game gives you and your friends every opportunity to relive the excitement of the films and books. Do you want to refight the tense and action-packed scenes from Helm's Deep? You can! Will Frodo, Sam, and their companions make it out of the city of Osgiliath alive to continue on their journey to Mordor? Play the game to find out! All you need is an opponent, a handful of dice, a flat surface to play on, and � of course � some The Lord of The Rings miniatures, and you're ready to take the first steps into the legends of Middle-earth.

Contents:16 High Elves and 8 men of Gondor.

These plastic models are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue paints and scenery not included.


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